Below are additional services which Grassland Inc. is pleased to make available to you. You can trust that the same courteous staff, quality materials, and excellent workmanship are used in these additional services that you have come to know and expect from our irrigation installation division. Also, we are planning other new services in the future, which we know you will find helpful in the management of your property to save you time, and money.

IRRIGATION MAINTENANCE: Grassland Irrigation takes pride in our ability to provide the very best in Irrigation Service from Individual Homeowners to the Largest Commercial Customers. We offer “Preferred Customer Maintenance Plans” which will save you time and money.

SURFACE DRAINAGE SYSTEMS: We design drainage systems to control or eliminate soil erosion and solve standing water problems. These problems can cause damage to yards and buildings.

EROSION CONTROL: Erosion Control manages water run off on new or existing construction sites. This kind of water management does not allow soil erosion to run off into existing storm drains or streams.

EXTERIOR LIGHTING: We design and install Low Voltage Exterior Lighting to enhance the beauty and security of your home of business.

DIRECTIONAL DRILLING: This is an innovative method of installing underground piping and utilities without damaging or destroying existing streets, sidewalks or lawns.

WATER FEATURES: Our Water Features are individually designed and custom built for each customer. Some of our designs include ponds, small waterfalls, floating plants & fish. This can add tremendous eye appeal to yards and garden areas.

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